Henkel / Pritt: Papergang

Henkel / Pritt came to us to solve a little puzzle. Their famous glue stick was well known and percieved in elementary schools and offices, but they had problems targeting the preteenagers. This was at a time when papercrafting was the current craze. So we quickly created a group of archetypical characters and used local sozial media channels to bond with the pre-teens. Each charakter had his own personality and profile and would talk to the kids if contacted. The whole campaign peaked into a big contest. The task was to create stop motion movies with the characters. The response was heartwarming. My part: Charakter Design, Concept, Storyboard, Animation, Production

As a part of the banner campaign we launched an expandable Superbanner Skating Game, featuring Kort - one of the  Papergang characters.
Done at: Syzygy
Credits: Alexander Meinhardt, Christina Metzler, Sonja Johnke, Wolfgang Schröder, Dorothee Zoll, Sarah Winkler

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