In 2010, Henkel wanted to reach a younger target audience with its Pritt brand. Previously, the advertising campaigns had mainly focused on parents and tended to neglect schoolchildren. This was now set to change. 

At the height of the papercraft movement, we created 9 approachable papercraft characters with traits that children could relate to: The Pritt Papergang. The campaign included a website, social media and display ads as well as a big sweepstake, where kids could submit small stop motion movies with the characters. To make things easier, we included interchangeable heads and faces in the print templates.

My role:
Concepts, Illustrations & Composing, Production, Post Production.

Campaign Overview

Charakter presentation

Stop motion video example

As a part of the banner campaign we launched a skating game within an expandable Superbanner, featuring Kort - one of the  Papergang characters. Players could do tricks by using keyboard commands.
Done at: Syzygy
Credits: Alexander Meinhardt, Christina Metzler, Sonja Johnke, Wolfgang Schröder, Dorothee Zoll, Sarah Winkler

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